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Designing a course from square one is hard enough, and re-designing an existing course with new goals and priorities is harder still. In our work, we frequently found inspiration in the efforts, experiences, and successes of both colleagues and students. Here, we share a few stories that provided us with vision and energy.

Emily McLaughlin

In 2010, Professor McLaughlin developed and taught a course for non-majors called “Understanding Molecules and Medicine”. The course went well in many ways, but McLaughlin decided to re-think the goals and structure of the course after participating in conversations with her colleagues. She offered the transformed course in spring 2015. Here, she reflects on the course and its transformation.

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Naja Gordon

Naja Gordon is a dance major at Bard. In her freshman year, she took a science class – Bard College’s innovative and immersive Citizen Science course that is required for all first-year students – and became interested enough to pursue more courses in science. Here, she reflects on how her science courses have influenced her.

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Andrea Szegedy-Maszak

Andrea Szegedy-Maszak entered Bard with little prior exposure to science. She became hooked on science in her first year, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology in May 2016.

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